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Cylindrical Bark Beetle - Bitoma quadricollis

Cylindrical Bark Beetle - Bitoma quadricollis
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 1, 2008
Size: ~3.3mm
I believe this is a Cylindrical Bark Beetle. But I've never found one before, so corrections / conformations welcome :) came to UV light.

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Cylindrical Bark Beetle - Bitoma quadricollis Cylindrical Bark Beetle - Bitoma quadricollis

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can't wrap my mind around it... ??pinicola
time permitting, could you add a clear antennal shot?

maybe . . .
I assume you saw them on the ventral image. Is there a particular part or aspect of the antenna you'd like to see? At 3.3mm I may be at the limits of my setup, but I'll give it a go with my highest magnification.

i kinda wanted them against a light background...
never mind, Tim-- i just try to conceal my ignorance by being finicky

You are a riot, Belov!
You're our beetle guru :-)

my vote
=V= mentioned this one to me. I'd say Bitoma quadricollis. The eyes are too close together underneath to say pinicola. They are a little wider apart than Stephan suggests but I have quadricollis from TX and LA with this separation. The margins of the pronotum look correctly toothy.

thanks, Rick
what does Stephan say about quadricollis's range? Any NJ records? D&A book doesn't list NJ, but says the beast goes as far north as MA.

Stephan hand-wrote several extra states for quadricollis in the copy he gave me, but NJ is one of the states he already had listed in the publication.

great -- thanks again

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Appears to key to Bitoma