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Vespula. Different day. - Vespula pensylvanica - female

Vespula. Different day. - Vespula pensylvanica - Female
Albuquerque, Bernlillo County, New Mexico, USA
May 14, 2005
Size: .75" or so.
Here is another hornet, this one photographed on my fence on a cool May morning. It was chewing wood. I'm assuming they are largely identified by their abdomenal markings. It has been ID'd as another queen. Either that, or Her Majesty gets around.

same species as your last post,
but different individual. The one in your last post had more yellow on her thorax

V. pensylvanica queen.
This is a queen of the western yellowjacket, Vespula pensylvanica. She was chewing wood to make the paper pulp for her nest.

Long live the Queen.
Wonderful. And thank you for the ID.