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Hydrochus subcupreus

Hydrochus subcupreus
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 1, 2008
Size: ~3.4mm
based on D&A's key, I'd say this is Hydrochus subcupreous. Seems to be the only Hydrochus species I get in the backyard. corrections welcome :)

came to UV light

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Hydrochus subcupreus Hydrochus subcupreus

I am totally envious!
I've shot these guys many times and never got anything approaching the detail you've captured. Great work, Tim.

Thanks Jim,
Mine don't move anymore so that helps a lot. And I do enjoy the living shots most others post because the bugs just look so much nicer. But just about any Canon Powershot owner can do this for about $200 of additional gadgets (and easily portable to places like South America ;). Sure beats the bill for a multi-thousand $$ Automontage setup. There's some details in my bio, but I hope to entice other (thrifty) Contributors by posting a more detailed writeup over the holidays.

I look forward to seeing your writeup.
I feel like I am wasting my time if I can't get more detail in my images. I expect the best approach would be to shoot the live beetles then take post-mortem shots using montage.

Hey Jim,
just wanted to let you known that I finally got some details of my setup posted.

sure about spelling?
subcupreOus vs subcupreus

verified with ITIS (and Nearctica). I think I got the guide pages changed.