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Subfamily Mirinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Heteroptera - True Bugs
Infraorder Cimicomorpha
Superfamily Miroidea
Family Miridae - Plant Bugs
Subfamily Mirinae

Tribe Herdoniini
Genus Barberiella
Species formicoides - Barberiella formicoides
Genus Closterocoris
Species amoenus - Closterocoris amoenus
Genus Cyphopelta
Species modesta - Cyphopelta modesta
Genus Dacerla
Species mediospinosa - Dacerla mediospinosa
Genus Mexicomiris
Species texanus - Mexicomiris texanus
Genus Paradacerla
Species downesi - Paradacerla downesi
Genus Paraxenetus
Species guttulatus - Paraxenetus guttulatus
Tribe Mirini
Genus Adelphocoris
Species lineolatus - Alfalfa Plant Bug
Species rapidus - Rapid Plant Bug
Genus Agnocoris
Species pulverulentus - Agnocoris pulverulentus
Species rossi - Agnocoris rossi
Species rubicundus - Agnocoris rubicundus
Genus Apolygus
Species lucorum - Apolygus lucorum
Genus Bolteria
Species amicta - Bolteria amicta
Species luteifrons - Bolteria luteifrons
Genus Calocoris
Species barberi - Calocoris barberi
Species texanus - Calocoris texanus
Genus Camptozygum
Species aequale - Camptozygum aequale
Genus Capsus
Species cinctus - Capsus cinctus
Species ater - Capsus ater
Genus Closterotomus
Species fulvomaculatus - Closterotomus fulvomaculatus
Species norvegicus - Potato Bug
Genus Coccobaphes
Species frontifer - Coccobaphes frontifer
Genus Creontiades
Species debilis - Creontiades debilis
Species rubrinervis - Creontiades rubrinervis
Species signatus - Creontiades signatus
Genus Dagbertus
Species fasciatus - Dagbertus fasciatus
Species olivaceus - Dagbertus olivaceus
Species semipictus - Dagbertus semipictus
Genus Derophthalma
Species emissitia - Derophthalma emissitia
Genus Dichrooscytus
Species cuneatus - Dichrooscytus cuneatus
Species elegans - Dichrooscytus elegans
Species longirostris - Dichrooscytus longirostris
Species repletus - Dichrooscytus repletus
Species suspectus - Dichrooscytus suspectus
Genus Ectopiocerus
Species anthracinus - Ectopiocerus anthracinus
Genus Ganocapsus
Species filiformis - Ganocapsus filiformis
Genus Garganus
Species fusiformis - Garganus fusiformis
Species splendidus - Garganus splendidus
Genus Gracilimiris
Species litoralis - Gracilimiris litoralis
Species rubrolineatus - Gracilimiris rubrolineatus
Species strigosus - Gracilimiris strigosus
Genus Henrylygus
Species ultranubilus - Henrylygus ultranubilus
Genus Irbisia
Species brachycera - Irbisia brachycera
Species californica - Irbisia californica
Species fuscipubescens - Irbisia fuscipubescens
Species mollipes - Irbisia mollipes
Species oreas - Irbisia oreas
Species pacifica - Pacific Grass Bug
Species sericans - Irbisia sericans
Species solani - Irbisia solani
Species serrata - Irbisia serrata
Genus Knightomiris
Species distinctus - Knightomiris distinctus
Genus Lampethusa
Species anatina - Lampethusa anatina
Species nicholi - Lampethusa nicholi
Genus Lygidea
Species mendax - Lygidea mendax
Species rosacea - Lygidea rosacea
Species salicis - Lygidea salicis
Genus Lygocoris
Species deraeocorides - Lygocoris deraeocorides
Species pabulinus - Common Green Capsid
Species rugicollis - Lygocoris rugicollis
Genus Lygus - Lygus Bugs
Species abroniae - Lygus abroniae
Species atriflavus - Lygus atriflavus
Species borealis - Lygus borealis
Species ceanothi - Lygus ceanothi
Species convexicollis - Lygus convexicollis
Species elisus - Pale Legume Bug
Species hesperus - Western Tarnished Plant Bug
Species keltoni - Lygus keltoni
Species lineolaris - Tarnished Plant Bug
Species mexicanus - Lygus mexicanus
Species plagiatus - Lygus plagiatus
Species punctatus - Lygus punctatus
Species rubroclarus - Lygus rubroclarus
Species shulli - Lygus shulli
Species striatus - Lygus striatus
Species vanduzeei - Lygus vanduzeei
No Taxon not yet identified nymphs
No Taxon unidentified group 1 (mostly green)
No Taxon unidentified group 2 (mostly red)
Species bradleyi - Lygus bradleyi
Genus Metriorrhynchomiris
Species dislocatus - Wild Onion Mirid
Species fallax - Metriorrhynchomiris fallax
Species illini - Metriorrhynchomiris illini
Genus Monalocorisca
Species rostrata - Monalocorisca rostrata
Genus Neoborella
Species simplex - Neoborella simplex
Genus Neoborops
Species vigilax - Neoborops vigilax
Genus Neocapsus
Species leviscutatus - Neocapsus leviscutatus
Species fasciativentris - Neocapsus fasciativentris
Genus Neolygus
Species caryae - Hickory Plant Bug
Species communis - Pear Plant Bug
Species hirticulus - Neolygus hirticulus
Species inconspicuus - Neolygus inconspicuus
Species laureae - Neolygus laureae
Species omnivagus - Neolygus omnivagus
Species quercalbae - Neolygus quercalbae
Species semivittatus - Neolygus semivittatus
Species tiliae - Neolygus tiliae
Species tinctus - Neolygus tinctus
Species vitticollis - Neolygus vitticollis
No Taxon Temporary page for ID - Greenish Color
No Taxon Temporary page for ID - Grayish-Greenish Color
No Taxon Temporary page for ID - Reddish to Brownish Color
No Taxon Temporary page for ID - Uniformly Brownish to Black Color
Genus Neurocolpus
No Taxon mexicanus group
Species arizonae - Neurocolpus arizonae
Species johnstoni - Neurocolpus johnstoni
Species knighti - Neurocolpus knighti
Species mexicanus - Neurocolpus mexicanus
Species montanus - Neurocolpus montanus
Species simplex - Neurocolpus simplex
No Taxon nubilus group
Species jessiae - Neurocolpus jessiae
Species longirostris - Neurocolpus longirostris
Species nubilus - Clouded Plant Bug
No Taxon sp. 1 (nearly uniformly red)
Genus Nonlygus
Species nubilatus - Nonlygus nubilatus
Genus Notholopisca
Species californica - Notholopisca californica
Genus Orthops
Species scutellatus - Orthops scutellatus
Genus Pappus
Genus Phytocoris
Species acaciae - Phytocoris acaciae
Species albicuneatus - Phytocoris albicuneatus
Species albidopictus - Phytocoris albidopictus
Species albifrons - Phytocoris albifrons
Species antennalis - Phytocoris antennalis
Species arizonensis - Phytocoris arizonensis
Species baboquivari - Phytocoris baboquivari
Species buenoi - Phytocoris buenoi
Species brevifurcatus - Phytocoris brevifurcatus
Species breviusculus - Phytocoris breviusculus
Species canadensis - Phytocoris canadensis
Species carnosulus - Phytocoris carnosulus
Species cercocarpi - Phytocoris cercocarpi
Species confluens - Phytocoris confluens
Species consors - Phytocoris consors
Species conspurcatus - Phytocoris conspurcatus
Species coronadoi - Phytocoris coronadoi
Species corticola - Phytocoris corticola
Species depictus - Phytocoris depictus
Species difformis - Phytocoris difformis
Species diversus - Phytocoris diversus
Species electilis - Phytocoris electilis
Species empirensis - Phytocoris empirensis
Species erectus - Phytocoris erectus
Species eurekae - Phytocoris eurekae
Species exemplus - Phytocoris exemplus
Species eximius - Phytocoris eximius
Species fenestratus - Phytocoris fenestratus
Species fulvus - Phytocoris fulvus
Species fuscipennis - Phytocoris fuscipennis
Species hispidus - Phytocoris hispidus
Species infuscatus - Phytocoris infuscatus
Species inops - Phytocoris inops
Species junceus - Phytocoris junceus
Species junipericola - Phytocoris junipericola
Species laevis - Phytocoris laevis
Species lasiomerus - Phytocoris lasiomerus
Species luteolus - Phytocoris luteolus
Species maricopae - Phytocoris maricopae
Species maritimus - Phytocoris maritimus
Species minituberculatus - Phytocoris minituberculatus
Species neglectus - Phytocoris neglectus
Species nicholi - Phytocoris nicholi
Species nigricollis - Phytocoris nigricollis
Species pallidicornis - Phytocoris pallidicornis
Species planituberis - Phytocoris planituberis
Species puella - Phytocoris puella
Species pulchricollis - Phytocoris pulchricollis
No Taxon near quercicola
Species ramosus - Phytocoris ramosus
Species roseipennis - Phytocoris roseipennis
Species roseotinctus - Phytocoris roseotinctus
Species rubrimaculatus - Phytocoris rubrimaculatus
Species rubroornatus - Phytocoris rubroornatus
Species rufoscriptus - Phytocoris rufoscriptus
Species salicis - Phytocoris salicis
Species simulatus - Phytocoris simulatus
Species spicatus - Phytocoris spicatus
Species squamosus - Phytocoris squamosus
Species stitti - Phytocoris stitti
Species taxodii - Phytocoris taxodii
Species tenerum - Phytocoris tenerum
Species tenuis - Phytocoris tenuis
Species tibialis - Phytocoris tibialis
Species tiliae - Phytocoris tiliae
Species uniformis - Phytocoris uniformis
Species vanduzeei - Phytocoris vanduzeei
Species varipes - Phytocoris varipes
Species vau - Phytocoris vau
Species ventralis - Phytocoris ventralis
Species venustus - Phytocoris venustus
Species yollabollae - Phytocoris yollabollae
Species unnamed-one - Phytocoris unnamed sp. 1
Species unnamed-two - Phytocoris unnamed sp. 2
No Taxon Eastern Group I - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon Eastern Group II - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon brown colored
No Taxon colored otherwise
No Taxon Eastern Group III - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon Eastern Group IV - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon Western Group - Temporary page for ID
No Taxon typical brown
No Taxon colored otherwise
No Taxon candidus group
No Taxon juniperanus group
No Taxon rostratus group
No Taxon stellatus group
Genus Pinalitus
Species approximatus - Pinalitus approximatus
Species rubricatus - Pinalitus rubricatus
Species rubrotinctus - Pinalitus rubrotinctus
Genus Poecilocapsus
Species lineatus - Four-lined Plant Bug
Species nigriger - Poecilocapsus nigriger
Genus Polymerus
Species americanus - Polymerus americanus
Species basalis - Polymerus basalis
Species fulvipes - Polymerus fulvipes
Species opacus - Polymerus opacus
Species proximus - Polymerus proximus
Species rubrocuneatus - Red-cuneus Plant Bug
Species testaceipes - Polymerus testaceipes
Species unifasciatus - Polymerus unifasciatus
Species venaticus - Polymerus venaticus
Species venestus - Polymerus venestus
Genus Proba
Species sallei - Proba sallei
Species distanti - Proba distanti
Species vittiscutis - Proba vittiscutis
Species californica - Proba californica
Genus Pycnocoris
Species ursinus - Pycnocoris ursinus
Genus Rhabdomiris
Species striatellus - Striped Oak Bug
Genus Salignus
Species tahoensis - Salignus tahoensis
Genus Stenotus
Species binotatus - Two-spotted Grass Bug
Genus Stittocapsus
Species franseriae - Stittocapsus franseriae
Genus Taedia
Species albifacies - Taedia albifacies
Species celtidis - Taedia celtidis
Species deletica - Taedia deletica
Species evonymi - Taedia evonymi
Species externa - Taedia externa
Species fasciola - Taedia fasciola
Species johnstoni - Taedia johnstoni
No Taxon limba or pallidula
Species maculosa - Taedia maculosa
Species marmorata - Taedia marmorata
Species multisignata - Taedia multisignata
Species nicholi - Taedia nicholi
Species scrupea - Taedia scrupea
Species virgulata - Taedia virgulata
No Taxon pattern 1 (pronotum, scutellum, embolium orange)
No Taxon pattern 2 (pronotum, scutellum, embolium, part of clavus red)
No Taxon pattern 3 (head, scutellum, embolium, anterior part of pronotum red)
No Taxon pattern 4 (pronotum, scutellum yellow to red)
No Taxon pattern 5 (scutellum, anterior part of pronotum red or orange)
No Taxon pattern 6 (pronotum, scutellum, cuneus orange)
No Taxon pattern 7 (overall blackish color)
No Taxon pattern 8 (overall light brownish color or spotted)
Genus Taylorilygus
Species apicalis - Broken-backed Bug
Genus Tropidosteptes
Species adustus - Tropidosteptes adustus
Species amoenus - Ash Plant Bug
Species cardinalis - Tropidosteptes cardinalis
Species commissuralis - Tropidosteptes commissuralis
Species geminus - Tropidosteptes geminus
Species neglectus - Tropidosteptes neglectus
Species pacificus - Tropidosteptes pacificus
Species palmeri - Tropidosteptes palmeri
Species pubescens - Tropidosteptes pubescens
Species quercicola - Oak Catkin Mirid
Species rufusculus - Tropidosteptes rufusculus
Species tricolor - Tropidosteptes tricolor
Species vittifrons - Tropidosteptes vittifrons
Tribe Resthenini
Genus Oncerometopus
Species atriscutis - Oncerometopus atriscutis
Species nigriclavus - Oncerometopus nigriclavus
Species ruber - Oncerometopus ruber
Genus Opistheurista
Species clandestina - Opistheurista clandestina
Genus Platytylus
Species bicinctus - Platytylus bicinctus
Genus Prepops
Species bivittis - Prepops bivittis
Species borealis - Prepops borealis
Species circumcinctus - Prepops circumcinctus
Species cruciferus - Prepops cruciferus
Species fraternus - Prepops fraternus
Species insitivus - Prepops insitivus
Species nigripilus - Prepops nigripilus
Species nigroscutellatus - Prepops nigroscutellatus
Species rubroscutellatus - Prepops rubroscutellatus
Species rubrovittatus - Prepops rubrovittatus
Species atripennis - Prepops atripennis 0
Species nigricollis - Prepops nigricollis 0
Tribe Stenodemini
Genus Autumnimiris
Species albescens - Autumnimiris albescens
Species koebelei - Autumnimiris koebelei
Species rubicundus - Autumnimiris rubicundus
Genus Chaetofoveolocoris
Species hirsutus - Chaetofoveolocoris hirsutus
Genus Collaria
Species meilleurii - Collaria meilleurii
Species oculata - Collaria oculata
Genus Leptopterna
Species ferrugata - Leptopterna ferrugata
Species dolabrata - Meadow Plant Bug
Genus Litomiris
Species curtus - Litomiris curtus
Species debilis - Litomiris debilis
Genus Megaloceroea
Species recticornis - Megaloceroea recticornis
Genus Mimoceps
Species insignis - Mimoceps insignis
Genus Pithanus
Species maerkelii - Pithanus maerkelii
Genus Stenodema
No Taxon subgenus Stenodema
Species pilosipes - Stenodema pilosipes
Species vicinum - Stenodema vicinum
No Taxon subgenus Brachystira
Species trispinosum - Stenodema trispinosum
Genus Teratocoris
Species discolor - Teratocoris discolor
Species paludum - Teratocoris paludum
Genus Trigonotylus
Species caelestialium - Rice Leaf Bug
Species pulcher - Trigonotylus pulcher
Species uhleri - Trigonotylus uhleri
Genus Porpomiris
Species curtulus - Porpomiris curtulus