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Subfamily Orthotylinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Heteroptera - True Bugs
Infraorder Cimicomorpha
Superfamily Miroidea
Family Miridae - Plant Bugs
Subfamily Orthotylinae

Tribe Ceratocapsini
Genus Ceratocapsidea
Species fusiformis - Ceratocapsidea fusiformis
Genus Ceratocapsus
Species apicalis - Ceratocapsus apicalis
Species apicatus - Ceratocapsus apicatus
Species barbatus - Ceratocapsus barbatus
Species fasciatus - Ceratocapsus fasciatus
Species fuscosignatus - Ceratocapsus fuscosignatus
Species juglandis - Ceratocapsus juglandis
Species lutescens - Ceratocapsus lutescens
Species modestus - Ceratocapsus modestus
Species nigellus - Ceratocapsus nigellus
Species nigrocephalus - Ceratocapsus nigrocephalus
Species pilosulus - Ceratocapsus pilosulus
Species pumilus - Ceratocapsus pumilus
Species setosus - Ceratocapsus setosus
Species uniformis - Ceratocapsus uniformis
No Taxon pumilus group
No Taxon wide pale basal band
Genus Pamillia
Species behrensii - Pamillia behrensii
Species nyctalis - Pamillia nyctalis
Genus Pilophoropsidea
Species camela - Pilophoropsidea camela
Genus Pilophoropsis
Species brachyptera - Pilophoropsis brachyptera
Species nicholi - Pilophoropsis nicholi
Genus Schaffneria
Species davisi - Schaffneria davisi
Tribe Coridromiini
Genus Coridromius
Species chenopoderis - Coridromius chenopoderis
Tribe Halticini
Genus Anapus
Genus Halticus - Fleahoppers
Species apterus - Halticus apterus
Species intermedius - Halticus intermedius
Genus Labops
Species burmeisteri - Labops burmeisteri
Species hesperius - Black Grass Bug
Species hirtus - Labops hirtus
Genus Microtechnites
Species bractatus - Garden Fleahopper
Genus Myrmecophyes
Species oregonensis - Myrmecophyes oregonensis
Genus Orthocephalus
Species coriaceus - Orthocephalus coriaceus
Species saltator - Orthocephalus saltator
Tribe Orthotylini
Genus Aoplonema
Species nigrum - Aoplonema nigrum
Species princeps - Aoplonema princeps
Species rubrum - Aoplonema rubrum
Genus Aoplonemella
Species festiva - Aoplonemella festiva
Genus Apachemiris
Species areolatus - Apachemiris areolatus
Genus Argyrocoris
Species scurrilis - Argyrocoris scurrilis
Genus Ballella
Species basicornis - Ballella basicornis
Genus Blepharidopterus
Species angulatus - Black-kneed Capsid
Species chlorionis - Honeylocust Plant Bug
Species provancheri - Blepharidopterus provancheri
Genus Brachynotocoris
Species puncticornis - Brachynotocoris puncticornis
Genus Brooksetta
Species malvastri - Brooksetta malvastri
Species althaeae - Hollyhock Plant Bug
Genus Cyrtorhinus - Cyrtorhinus 0
Genus Daleapidea
Species albescens - Daleapidea albescens
Genus Dichaetocoris
Genus Ephedrodoma
Species multilineata - Ephedrodoma multilineata
Genus Falconia
Species maculipennis - Falconia maculipennis
Genus Hadronema
Species incognitum - Hadronema incognitum
Species militare - Hadronema militare
Species pictum - Hadronema pictum
Genus Hadronemidea
Species echinata - Hadronemidea echinata
Genus Heterocordylus
Species malinus - Heterocordylus malinus
Genus Heterotoma
Species planicornis - Heterotoma planicornis
Genus Hyalochloria
Genus Ilnacora
Species arizonae - Ilnacora arizonae
Species malina - Ilnacora malina
Species nicholi - Ilnacora nicholi
Species stalii - Ilnacora stalii
Species vittifrons - Ilnacora vittifrons
Genus Ilnacorella
Species sulcata - Ilnacorella sulcata
Genus Labopella
Species claripennis - Labopella claripennis
Genus Labopidea
Species cepula - Labopidea cepula
Species allii - Onion Plant Bug
Species nigrisetosa - Labopidea nigrisetosa
Genus Lopidea
Species ampla - Lopidea ampla
Species anisacanthi - Lopidea anisacanthi
Species apache - Lopidea apache
Species barberi - Lopidea barberi
Species confraterna - Lopidea confraterna
Species instabilis - Lopidea instabilis
Species lateralis - Lopidea lateralis
Species major - Mountain Laurel Mirid
Species marginata - Lopidea marginata
Species media - Lopidea media
Species minima - Lopidea minima
Species nigridia - Lopidea nigridia
Species staphyleae - Lopidea staphyleae
Species wileyae - Lopidea wileyae
Species caesar - Lopidea caesar 0
Species confluenta - Lopidea confluenta 0
Species davisi - Lopidea davisi 0
Species robiniae - Lopidea robiniae 0
Species teton - Lopidea teton 0
Genus Lopidella
Species flavoscuta - Lopidella flavoscuta
Genus Malacocoris
Species chlorizans - Delicate Apple-capsid
Genus Mecomma
Species antennatum - Mecomma antennatum
Species gilvipes - Mecomma gilvipes
Genus Melymacra
Species apicalis - Melymacra apicalis
Genus Noctuocoris
Species fumidus - Noctuocoris fumidus
Genus Origonema
Species splendida - Origonema splendida
Genus Orthotylus
Species albocostatus - Orthotylus albocostatus
Species angulatus - Orthotylus angulatus
Species candidatus - Orthotylus (Neomecomma) candidatus
Species coagulatus - Orthotylus coagulatus
Species flavosparsus - Orthotylus flavosparsus
Species fuscicornis - Orthotylus fuscicornis
Species modestus - Orthotylus modestus
Species necopinus - Orthotylus necopinus
Species ornatus - Orthotylus ornatus
Species ramus - Orthotylus ramus 0
Species stanleyaea - Orthotylus stanleyaea
Species submarginatus - Orthotylus submarginatus
Species ute - Orthotylus ute
Species virescens - Orthotylus virescens
Genus Paraproba
Species capitata - Paraproba capitata
Species cincta - Paraproba cincta
Species hamata - Paraproba hamata
Species pendula - Paraproba pendula
Genus Parthenicus
Species basicornis - Parthenicus basicornis
Species covilleae - Parthenicus covilleae
Species cuneotinctus - Parthenicus cuneotinctus 0
Species deleticus - Parthenicus deleticus
Species juniperi - Parthenicus juniperi
Species micans - Parthenicus micans
Species muchmorei - Parthenicus muchmorei
Species oreades - Parthenicus oreades
Species pictus - Parthenicus pictus
Species psalliodes - Parthenicus psalliodes
Species ruber - Parthenicus ruber
Species rubromaculosus - Parthenicus rubromaculosus
Species rufivenosus - Parthenicus rufivenosus
Species rufusculus - Parthenicus rufusculus
Species sedumicola - Parthenicus sedumicola
Species taxodii - Parthenicus taxodii
Species vaccini - Parthenicus vaccini
Species weemsi - Parthenicus weemsi
Species wheeleri - Parthenicus wheeleri
Genus Proboscidotylus - Proboscidotylus 0
Genus Pseudoloxops
Species coccineus - Pseudoloxops coccineus
Genus Pseudopsallus
Species angularis - Pseudopsallus angularis
Species anograe - Pseudopsallus anograe
Species atriseta - Pseudopsallus atriseta
Species demensus - Pseudopsallus demensus
Species puberus - Pseudopsallus puberus
Species sericatus - Pseudopsallus sericatus
Species stitti - Pseudopsallus stitti
Species viridicans - Pseudopsallus viridicans
Genus Pseudothenicus
Species rubropunctatus - Pseudothenicus rubropunctatus
Genus Pseudoxenetus
Species regalis - Pseudoxenetus regalis
Genus Reuteria
Species bifurcata - Reuteria bifurcata
Species fuscicornis - Reuteria fuscicornis
Species irrorata - Reuteria irrorata
Species platani - Reuteria platani
Species querci - Reuteria querci
No Taxon irrorata/wheeleri/craigi group
Genus Saileria
Species bella - Saileria bella
Species irrorata - Saileria irrorata
Genus Scalponotatus
Species albibasis - Scalponotatus albibasis
Genus Sericophanes
Species albomaculatus - Sericophanes albomaculatus
Species heidemanni - Sericophanes heidemanni
Species ocellatus - Sericophanes ocellatus
Species triangularis - Sericophanes triangularis
Genus Slaterocoris
Species ambrosiae - Slaterocoris ambrosiae
Species atritibialis - Slaterocoris atritibialis
Species breviatus - Slaterocoris breviatus
Species croceipes - Slaterocoris croceipes
Species pallipes - Slaterocoris pallipes
Species rubrofemoratus - Slaterocoris rubrofemoratus
Species stygicus - Slaterocoris stygicus
Genus Texocoris
Species nigrellus - Texocoris nigrellus