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Digger Wasp - Palmodes dimidiatus

Digger Wasp - Palmodes dimidiatus
Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA
July 16, 2005
Size: 1 1/2 inchs
The insect was dragging along the cricket that is in the picture. It never seemed to use it wings but rather just scurred along the ground.

Thanks to Eric R. Eaton and Gerry Bunker for the ID.

Moved from Palmodes.

Palmodes dimidatus (DeGeer)
Based on range, color pattern, and prey

Palmodes sp.
This is a nice shot of a female Palmodes sp. and its katydid prey (Atlanticus sp.). Podalonia look similar, but prey on caterpillars, not Orthopterans. Great shot, and a great new addition to BugGuide:-)

This thing screams Mydas fly
When I first saw this picture, it screamed to me Mydas Fly, they are known to be wasp mimics according to the guide. But the antennae are all wrong for a Mydas fly. But now, I think that this is a Digger Wasp (padalonia sp.)found also in the guide.