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Rugilus ceylonensis - Rugilus ceylanensis

Rugilus ceylonensis - Rugilus ceylanensis
Carroll County, Prestonville County, Kentucky, USA
August 2, 2006

I think the correct spelling
I think the correct spelling for this name is ceylanensis, though the place is (was) certainly spelled Ceylon. Weird!

Ceylan is the traditional spelling since ancient times
'Ceylon' is a relatively recent variant

Ah, thanks V for clearing tha
Ah, thanks V for clearing that up! Also, this species is exotic to North America, very widespread in the northeast. It was first reported from the continent by Hoebeke (2010), who is also revising the rest of Rugilus. Rugilus ceylanensis is mostly found in litter and in compost heaps, that's where I found my specimen.


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is this an adventive sp.?