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Scorpion - Vaejovis carolinianus

Scorpion - Vaejovis carolinianus
Chattahoochee Nat'l Rec Area, Medlock Bridge, Georgia, USA
June 7, 2003

Vaejovis carolinianus
Family: Vajovidae
Genus species: Vaejovis carolinianus
Author:(Palisot de Beauvois, 1804) Parentheses mean the species was originally described under a different genus.
ID/Distribution: Locality will ID it, as will this fine photo: The only scorpion native to much of the Appalachian states: Kentucky, West Virginia (S), Virginia (SW), North and South Carolina (W), Georgia (North, not coastal or southern, where Centruroides hentzi is found), Alabama (N, ditto), Mississippi (NE), Louisiana (tiny, disjunct, area NE of Baton Rouge near MS border), Tennessee (E 2/3). It is likely a female, judging by its girth.

Occasionally enters homes and is often found under rocks and other surface objects. This species is not of medical importance.

Kari J McWest, Canyon, Texas