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Female with prey - Argiope aurantia

Female with prey - Argiope aurantia
Okeechobee County, Florida, USA
July 16, 2005
Legs 1 is regenerated on left side.

Juvenile female Argiope.
Thank you for a crisp image of a juvenile female of this species. I did not know that the legs were annulated in juveniles, and banded in adults.

The female in the pic is actually an adult. She recently shed. I forgot to include that in the description.
I will keep an eye out for unusual females.

Um, I know nothing about this
Um, I know nothing about this particular species of spider. We recently moved here to TN and have never before encountered a spider such as this. Are they poisonous? I think not, but one can never be to cautious. What do they eat? Are they harmful if an animal, oh say a dog for instance, ate it? How do you tell the male from the female? My mother found one in her garden and is now freaking out about it. You know how it is. We tend to be afraid of the unknown and Hollywood certainly didn't help matters when it comes to arachnophobia. Anyway, thanks for your help. I look forward to learning more about this beautiful spider.