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Spider unknown 01 - Mecaphesa celer

Spider unknown 01 - Mecaphesa celer
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
December 15, 2008
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Moved from Misumenops.

Cool spider -
Lynette has probably nailed the ID, but I also wondered about one of the Ebo philodromids - I'm not really sure how to identify those spiders...

my guess is
look for the crab spider with the SUPER long second pair of legs. Are those ever super long!

Thanks, Lynette -
I just looked that up too - I can't see the tips of the legs on this one, Ron, but I'm assuming the first two pairs of legs were about the same length?

Thanks for helping!
I just looked through the other images of this specimen and can't find any images with the first and second sets of legs extended fully. From what I can see though, both sets look to be the same length.

OK -
well Thomisidae seems pretty safe, and Lynette may well be right about the genus.

I think it looks more like Misumenops.

Looks like Goldenrod Crab Spi
Looks like Goldenrod Crab Spider to me, but just a guess. There is so much variation in there....