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Species Papilio rutulus - Western Tiger Swallowtail - Hodges#4177

Quantum Publishing Ltd., 2004
I usually see copies of this book in the bargain section of chain bookstores. It appears to be an inexpensively published book, but it does provide info for a variety of butterflies from around the world. Many of the photos/illustrations are not very great, though only costing a few dollars, it does seem to be an ok value. Over 300 pages.

Butterflies Of Georgia Field Guide
By Jaret C. Daniels
Adventure Publications, 2004
A nifty little guide book that I discovered in the bookstore tonight. I've taken to dissecting guide books recently as I contemplate various ways that I might someday do one myself. This one has lots to like.

Common Butterflies and Skippers of Eastern North America
By Dick Walton and Greg Dodge
Brownbag Productions, 2004
Another spiffy insect DVD from Brownbag Productions, similar in format to their odonate DVD. Lovely video of 70 species of butterflies (including many common skippers) with narration describing field marks and habitat. Very thorough discussions of those species covered, showing subtle field marks and discussing color variations in some cases. I found the coverage of skippers, my nemesis, to be particularly helpful. Has a good description of Monarch migration. "Topography and glossary" in the "Resources and References" section is very handy. I like the annotated photos showing details of butterfly anatomy.

A Field Guide to Eastern Butterflies (Peterson Field Guides)
By Paul A. Opler, Vichai Malikul, Roger Tory Peterson
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992

Butterflies of North America (Kaufman Focus Guides)
By Jim P. Brock, Kenn Kaufman
Houghton Mifflin Co, 2003
Has computer-enhanced photographic illustrations on plain backgrounds. More species are illustrated per page than in Glassberg's Butterflies Through Binoculars series. This can make it somewhat easier to use than Glassberg's books. Illustrates all North American species, and is in a compact field guide format. The serious butterflier will want to have this in addition to Glassberg's works.

Florida's Fabulous Butterflies
By Thomas C. Emmel, Brian Kenney
World Publications, 1997

The Butterflies of West Virginia and Their Caterpillars
By Thomas J. Allen
University of Pittsburgh Press, 1998
I bought this book mainly for the caterpillar images.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Butterflies
By Robert Michael Pyle
Knopf, 1981