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Subfamily Asopinae - Predatory Stink Bugs

Stink bug nymph - Alcaeorrhynchus grandis Anyone up for a Slurpee? - Alcaeorrhynchus grandis Predatory Stink Bug - Alcaeorrhynchus grandis Pentatomidae - Alcaeorrhynchus grandis Stink Bug - Alcaeorrhynchus grandis Alcaeorrhynchus grandis - Giant Strong-nosed Stink Bug - Alcaeorrhynchus grandis Assassin bug ? - Alcaeorrhynchus grandis Giant Strong-nosed Stink Bug? - Alcaeorrhynchus grandis

Andrallus spinidens - female Andrallus sp. in central Florida? - Andrallus spinidens Stink Bug sp. - Andrallus spinidens - female Andrallus spinidens? - Andrallus spinidens Andrallus spinidens?? - Andrallus spinidens Andrallus spinidens

Assassin bug with Zebra Longwing caterpillar - Apateticus lineolatus Stinkbug - Apateticus lineolatus Stink Bug - Apateticus marginiventris true bug - Apateticus lineolatus A very cute little critter - Apateticus lineolatus Apateticus marginiventris A. marginiventris nymph - Apateticus marginiventris Madera pentatomid nymph - Apateticus marginiventris

Orange Stink Bug? - Apoecilus cynicus unidentified stink bug - Apoecilus Apateticus stink bug? - Apoecilus Podisus - Apoecilus cynicus Which Predatory Stink Bug please? (see comments) - Apoecilus pentatomid 1 - Apoecilus cynicus stinkbug - Apoecilus cynicus Apoecilus nymph - Apoecilus

Mating stink bug couple. What genus and species? - Conquistator mucronatus - male - female Podisus mucronatus - Conquistator mucronatus Possible stinkbugs?? - Conquistator mucronatus Stink bug? Superfamily Pentatomoidea - Conquistator mucronatus stink bugs - Conquistator mucronatus - male - female Florida Predatory Stinkbug? - Conquistator mucronatus Spined Soldier Bug nymph, ? - Conquistator mucronatus Conquistator mucronatus