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Species Elaphria alapallida - Pale-winged Midget - Hodges#9681.1

List of freshwater macroinvertebrate taxa from California and adjacent states
By Richards A.B., Rogers D.C.
Southwest Association of Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomists (SAFIT). 266 pp., 2011
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Acari p.35, Crustacea p.47, Collembola p.69, Insecta p.71 (Ephemeroptera 71, Odonata 95, Plecoptera 112, Hemiptera 126, Megaloptera 139, Neuroptera 141, Trichoptera 143, Lepidoptera 165, Coleoptera 167, Diptera 219)

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Urban entomology
By Ebeling W.
University of California Division of Agricultural Sciences: 695 pp., 1978
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beware of obsolete taxonomy!

Entomology and pest management. Third Edition
By L.P. Pedigo
Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 691 pp., 1999

Hive Management
By Richard E. Bonney
Storey Publishing, LLC, 1990
An easy-to read guide filled with important information on bee keeping and bee behavior

Honeybee Democracy
By Thomas D. Seeley
Princeton University Press, 2010
Anything you want to know about swarming behavior in bees -- this is the book!

Color Guide to Common Dragonflies of Wisconsin
By Karl and Dorothy Legler and Dave Westover
Karl Legler, 1998
A compact paperback book filled with color photos and incredibly interesting facts about dragonflies and damselflies. Includes a range map, IDs sex, shows months when present, their conservation status, and various drawings that help with making identifications. is sold out but the front of the book as this info for "obtaining additional copies." Karl Legler, 429 Franklin St., Sauk City, WI 53583 Phone: 608-643-4926

Alien terrestrial arthropods of Europe
By Roques A., Kenis M., Lees D., Lopez-Vaamonde C., Rabitsch W., Rasplus J.-Y., Roy D., eds
BioRisk 4 Special Issue; 2 vols., 1028 pp., 2010
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Terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates of British Columbia: Priorities for inventory and descriptive research
By G.G.E. Scudder
Res. Br., BC Min. For., and Wildl. Br., BC Min. Environ., Lands and Parks. Victoria, BC. Work. Pap. 09/1996. vi+206 pp., 1996