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Beetle 01 - Anomala foraminosa

Beetle 01 - Anomala foraminosa
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
April 12, 2008
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Moved from Anomala.

Moved from Scarab Beetles.

Anomala foraminosa Bates, 1888
Could you please move this image to A. foraminosa Bates?

something in the Rutelinae, i suppose

This looks a lot like A. ludoviciana, which we get up here in Wisconsin. My former labmate did her MS thesis on WI scarabs. In her thesis she lists A. ludoviciana as occurring 'from Indiana south to Louisiana, and west from North Dakota south to Texas'.

Do not take this as an ID as I do not know what A. ludoviciana may be confused with down your way.

A link to a page that has a specimen determined as A. ludoviciana (I believe the caption is mispelled; the text above the image says ludoviciana).