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Short-winged Green Grasshopper - Dichromorpha viridis

Short-winged Green Grasshopper - Dichromorpha viridis
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
April 21, 2008
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Dichromorpha viridis
I'm fairly sure. They are a bit more difficult when half grown than when full grown through.

Thanks for you help.
I realize you said "fairly sure". I hope that I am not jumping the gun but I moved the image. I have several images sitting in ID Request right now and wanted to clean it out a little. I looked through Dichromorpha viridis and it looks good to me.

Please feel free to notify me or even move the images yourself if you see fit.

And, again, thanks for your help!

You're welcome
I think this is a moderately safe bet, since I can't come up with much else it could be :)