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Bug ID - Belaphotroctes

Bug ID - Belaphotroctes
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
January 28, 2009
Size: ~1mm
Some kind of woodlouse? Or termite?? Found it while scanning a piece of decaying tree bark for mites with the MP-E 65. I have a sharp image of the antennae if needed for ID.

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Bug ID - Belaphotroctes Bug ID - Belaphotroctes


Belaphotroctes sp. (Liposcelididae)
Ed Mockford det.
his comment: "To get it to species would require a much closer look. The swollen terminal segments of the maxillary palpus are diagnostic to genus"

So this is..
Genus Belaphotroctes? Forgive my ignorance :^O I didn't get many views of it as I kept losing it because of its tiny size and high mobility.

yes it is

I'll request a Genus page.

page requested

I requested a page too.

nice psocopteran!

Thanks V
This is the smallest one I have seen yet!