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robber - Dicropaltum - female

robber - Dicropaltum - Female
rest stop on hwy 40, west of santa rose, guadalupe County, New Mexico, USA
May 22, 2008
Size: 9mm

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robber - Dicropaltum - female robber - Dicropaltum - female

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Dicropaltum "alamosae" -
a very interesting little robber fly. Species name is in quotes because may be a synonym of the more widespread D. mesae; this group needs lots of additional study!

thank you very much Dr. Fisher! i have a male as well, i can take some pictures of it if it would help any...

Your most welcome Edward. Yes, an image or two of a male would be great. Also, if it would be possible to bring the tip of the antenna into clearer focus, that would help add taxanomic info. Dicropaltum are uncommon in collections, and your photos are the first good ones available of the genus that I know of. Excellent work!


thanks again...
i will add a few pictures tomorrow, i am still attempting to work out a good setup for taking these shots indoors. i have been uploading larger pictures, however, i noticed that you are not an editor and can not see them... i can sent you the larger versions if they would help... or if you would like them.