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The Thermal Warriors: Strategies of Insect Survival
By Bernd Heinrich
Harvard Univ Press, 1999
ISBN: 0-674-88341-1
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Was about to add this book
...then checked and found Troy had done so long ago! :-)

This is a wonderful book, full of fascinating facts illuminating the richly diverse (and often under-appreciated) phenomena associated with insect thermoregulation. It gives both a cogent overview of the subject, and also many hundreds of detailed examples exploring the surprisingly wide variety of adaptations, mechanisms, and dynamic behavioral processes (throughout a large sample of insect orders) related to the often overlooked but crucial-to-survival aspects of dealing with temperature...both from exterior environment and interior metabolism/physiology.

Check it out. You may find much of the content & insights amazing, as I did. (And still do when I occasionally browse it again.)