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darker Bembidiini - Elaphropus

darker Bembidiini - Elaphropus
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 7, 2008
Size: 2.8mm
possibly Paratachys? Looks like it has 2 dorsal punctures along side stria #3.

came to UV light

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darker Bembidiini - Elaphropus darker Bembidiini - Elaphropus

Moved from Bembidiini.

Image comes close to a few very similar species.

Thanks Peter,
I guess that means the submentum pits are NOT present, if I'm reading the keys correctly? Looks like a large genus, but with a little trepidation, this one appears to key to E. fuscicornis Chaludoir. And thoughts / comments?

Against E. fuscicornis
is image that suggests at least two well impressed striae on each elytron and blackish dorsum (Lindroth's key says yellowish brown). NJ is reported to be the northern limit so otherwise a reasonable candidate.

I'll leave it at the genus - even that's a new one for my backyard :)

I see that a backyard species checklist
is important to you so feel free to post mail this and other carabid specimens for species identification. Policy for receiving specimens appears in my profile. Thanks.