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Winter moth - Depressaria

Winter moth - Depressaria
rural, Dallas County, Iowa, USA
February 14, 2009
Size: 0.75 inches
I noticed this moth on the outside of the screen to a sliding patio door on our house. I was able to snap three photographs while it crawled down the screen. It then flew off, landing first on the deck then flying off altogether. It is around 32 degrees today (probably somewhat warmer on the deck) and we have about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. My initial thought was that the moth had been inside the house and then made its way outside, but it did not seem to have too much trouble flying.

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Winter moth - Depressaria Winter moth - Depressaria

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This looks like Depressaria daucella to me. They, like others in this genus, overwinter as adults. Not sure why it wasn't hibernating unless its hiding spot got disturbed.