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Globular Springtail - Ptenothrix

Globular Springtail - Ptenothrix
Lacey (near Olympia), Thurston County, Washington, USA
February 20, 2009

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Globular Springtail - Ptenothrix Globular Springtail - Ptenothrix Globular Springtail - Ptenothrix


Ptenothrix sp.

I was hoping
I was hoping the dark burgundy and bright yellow dot on the posterior portion of the abdomen would help indicate a

The rest of the coloring looks a little it a juvenile specimen that hasn't fully colored yet?

Thanks, as always, for all you do with these guys, Frans!

The problem with species identification ...
is not your pictures, but the literature. There is a lot of confusion with respect to the identification of nearctic Pteothrix species. Based on the available literature I cannot properly IDy most of the USA Ptenothrix species on habitus pictures. Apparently there are also several undescribed species. Currently, and temporarily, I try to catalogue the different forms at our website as different Ptenothrix sp. As soon as a revision of US Ptenothrix species comes available, I will then try to IDy all the tentative sp. species.

I see
I see. Thanks for the addition to my education! :) I learn more every day here at the Guide.