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Diabro-Chryso - Diabrotica longicornis

Diabro-Chryso - Diabrotica longicornis
12 mi. E. of Catarina, Dimmit County, Texas, USA
June 26, 1976
Specimen determined by Edward G. Riley, Associate Curator, Texas A&M University Insect Collection.

Specimen curated at the Entomology Collection at the University of Texas at Austin Brackenridge Field Laboratory (BFL).

check if speciesnames are valid
Mike, this is a synonym for Diabrotica barberi. Please check if names are valid before making new species-pages
I see you with Ed Riley have made many additions lately. Great work!

D. longicornis (Say) still valid name...

Diabrotica longicornis (Say, 1824) - is still valid.

This widespread subspecies was elevated to full sp. status:
Diabrotica longicornis barberi R. Smith & Lawrence, 1967

Check page 79 of Riley et al. 2003 to confirm. (1)

Hope this helps, Mike

not barberi than?
and this is not that (sub)species???
Can you ask Ed what´s the difference between these two species.

The two valid spp in question w/ approx ranges
See if this doesn't help. Mike

Diabrotica longicornis (Say, 1824) - valid.
Range: AZ-TX-NE-WY

Diabrotica barberi R. Smith & Lawrence, 1967 - valid
SYN: Diabrotica longicornis barberi R. Smith & Lawrence, 1967
Range: CO-GA-ME-ND