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Maybe Nothing 8

Maybe Nothing 8
Marlton, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 11, 2008
This is a series of images (some poor) that may not contain enough detail or be the correct angle to make any type of ID, but maybe someone can do more with them than I can. All came to the light at night.

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Maybe Nothing 8 Maybe Nothing 8

Every time I look at this and see the two black marks my mind always jumps to Bucculatrix, but the placement of the spot on the back seems a bit too far back.

Definitely a Tineid.
I've seen a species very similar to this one in Tennessee. I've been told it's an undescribed Tineid.

Would it be possible to ask whoever told you it might be an undescribed species if they have more info like in what subfamily it's in?

Not sure
Ken Childs had a similar-looking species that he said that Don Davis does not recognize. I took that to mean it is probably undescribed. Here's mine:

Possible candidate
They may also be in Florida.

Moved from Tineoidea.

Moved from Moths.