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Published in four parts;

Poole, R. W. and P. Gentili (eds.) 1996. Nomina Insecta Nearctica: A Check List of the Insects of North America. Vol. 1: Coleoptera, Strepsiptera. Entomological Information Services, Rockville, Maryland, 827 pp. ISBN 1-889002-01-1

Volume 2: Hymenoptera, Mecoptera, Megaloptera, Neuroptera, Raphidioptera, Trichoptera ISBN 1-889002-02-X

Volume 3: Diptera, Lepidoptera, Siphonaptera ISBN 1-889002-03-8

Volume 4: Non-Holometabolous Orders ISBN 1-889002-04-6

Available on-line, but "The list contains all of the species of insects of North America with the synonyms removed." This means subspecies as well, since they are treated as synonyms.

According to their website;
"The specific name follows the original spelling of the species group name and has not been emended to follow the number and gender of the current generic name."
Bottom line - you can't just accept the spellings listed without review. Can be confusing. Not to mention the many errors of ommission and comission. Good idea, poor execution.

No longer available on-line

can be found here
all 4 volumes

Thanks, Steve. I have added a new "book", so we will have something to reference.

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