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Convergent Lady ? - Hippodamia sinuata

Convergent Lady ? - Hippodamia sinuata
Skull Valley, (WSW of Prescott 10 miles), Yavapai County, Arizona, USA
May 4, 2008
Pattern with fewer & larger spots & dark down the middle of the back ? just variations withiin the species ?

H. sinuata crotchi
while several species of Hippodamia are difficult to tell from H. convergens, I believe this one is H. sinuata crotchi, a subspecies of H. sinuata, found generally up and down the Rockies, south to mid AZ, and a little west and east onto the plains on both sides. Overall the shape appears a little less robust than H. convergens, and the strong black marking down the suture line past the basal third points toward H. sinuata crotchi. Yours differs from the typical form, with a lateral vitta on each elytra , similar to H. s. sinuata. But it is certainly within the several variations pictured in Gordon(1).

Nice find!

There are lots of other unique ladybirds around your local - keep looking :)

H. sinuata crotchi
Thanks much for the comments & ID

Not much help, but...
I believe there's a different ladybird beetle with the convergent markings. Hope you get an expert ID on this one.