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Male spider ID help - Antrodiaetus microunicolor - male

Male spider ID help - Antrodiaetus microunicolor - Male
McDonough, Henry County, Georgia, USA
November 28, 2008


Folding-door Spider
What you have here is an adult male Folding-door Spider of the Genus Antrodiaetus. Only two species of Antrodiaetus are known to exist in Georgia, A. unicolor and A. microunicolor. According to studies conducted by Brent Hendrixson and Jason Bond [1], it would seem the mating seasons for the two species do not overlap, and considering your specimen was found in late November it is most likely A. microunicolor. Up until now, I've been the only person on Bugguide who has submitted an image of a Folding-door Spider that was found in Georgia, so yours would make a great addition to the Guide. Here's one of the photos I took of an immature specimen:

Cool....thanks Brett!
Cool....thanks Brett!