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Fly 01 - Euthera tentatrix

Fly 01 - Euthera tentatrix
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
March 9, 2009
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Fly 01 - Euthera tentatrix Fly 01 - Euthera tentatrix

Moved from Euthera.

Tachinidae: Euthera tentatrix
Tachinidae: Euthera tentatrix

Wish I could remember which subfamily or genus, but we do have images of something at least very similar to this in the guide already....

Check out
the Euthera.

Did you happen to move these images earlier?
Shortly after I posted these images (the first time) I noticed they were not in ID Request section. I thought I had accidentally placed them in the wrong place in the guide while I was searching through the fly images. I deleted rather than move them because I didn't want all of the "image moved" comments. I failed to look at any of the other images where they were placed... What I now think is that somebody moved them to the guide for me because I think they were in the Euthera guide... oops.

Not me this time
If I move an image I like to make sure there's a moved comment so the contributor knows the bug was identified.