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Class Collembola - Springtails and allies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Collembola - Springtails and allies

Order Poduromorpha
Family Poduridae
Genus Podura
Species aquatica - Water Springtail
Family Hypogastruridae
Genus Ceratophysella
Species denticulata - Ceratophysella denticulata
Species gibbosa - Ceratophysella gibbosa
Species pratorum - Ceratophysella pratorum
Species succinea - Ceratophysella succinea
Genus Microgastrura
Species minutissima - Microgastrura minutissima
Genus Hypogastrura
Species harveyi - Hypogastrura harveyi
Species manubrialis - Hypogastrura manubrialis
Species nivicola - Snow flea
Species tooliki - Toolik Snow Flea
Genus Schaefferia
Species duodecimocellata - Schaefferia duodecimocellata
Genus Schoettella
Species ununguiculata - Schoettella ununguiculata
Genus Willemia
Species denisi - Willemia denisi
Genus Xenylla
Species grisea - Xenylla grisea
Superfamily Onychiuroidea
Family Onychiuridae
Subfamily Lophognathellinae
Genus Lophognathella
Species choreutes - Lophognathella choreutes
Subfamily Onychiurinae
Genus Allonychiurus
Species flavescens - Allonychiurus flavescens
Genus Onychiurus - Rootfeeding Springtails
Species reluctus - Onychiurus reluctus
Genus Protaphorura
Tribe Hymenaphorurini
Genus Heteraphorura
Species subtenuis - Heteraphorura subtenuis
Genus Hymenaphorura
Species cocklei - Golden Snow-flea
Genus Kalaphorura
Family Tullbergiidae
Genus Mesaphorura
Species macrochaeta - Mesaphorura macrochaeta
Species yosiii - Mesaphorura yosiii
Genus Tullbergia
Species arctica - Tullbergia arctica
Superfamily Neanuroidea
Family Brachystomellidae
Genus Brachystomella
Species villalobosi - Brachystomella villalobosi
Species parvula - Brachystomella parvula
Family Neanuridae
Subfamily Morulininae
Genus Morulina
Species callowayia - Morulina callowayia
Species crassa - Morulina crassa
Species delicata - Morulina delicata
Species multatuberculata - Morulina multatuberculata
Subfamily Neanurinae
Tribe Lobellini
Genus Lobella
Species palmeri - Lobella palmeri
Tribe Morulodini
Genus Morulodes
Species serratus - Morulodes serratus
Species setosus - Morulodes setosus
Tribe Neanurini
Genus Deutonura
Species frigida - Deutonura frigida
Genus Neanura
Species growae - Neanura growae
Species magna - Bear-bodied Springtail
Species muscorum - Neanura muscorum
Species persimilis - Neanura persimilis
Tribe Paleonurini
Genus Vitronura
Species giselae - Vitronura giselae
Tribe Sensillanurini
Genus Americanura
Species bara - Americanura bara
Genus Sensillanura
Species caeca - Sensillanura caeca
Species barberi - Barber's Springtail
Tribe Paranurini
Genus Paranura
Species anops - Paranura anops
Subfamily Pseudachorutinae
Genus Pseudachorudina
Species ignota - Pseudachorudina ignota
Genus Anurida
Species granaria - Anurida granaria
Species maritima - Anurida maritima
Genus Pseudachorutes
Species aphysus - Pseudachorutes aphysus
Species aureofasciatus - Pseudachorutes aureofasciatus
Species complexus - Pseudachorutes complexus
Family Odontellidae
Genus Superodontella
Species cornifer - Superodontella cornifer
Order Entomobryomorpha - Elongate-bodied Springtails
Family Oncopoduridae
Genus Oncopodura
Family Isotomidae
Subfamily Isotominae
Genus Cheirotoma
Species spatulata - Cheirotoma spatulata
Genus Agrenia
Species bidenticulata - Agrenia bidenticulata
Species parkeri - Agrenia parkeri
Genus Desoria
Species canadensis - Desoria canadensis
Species gelida - Desoria gelida
Species hiemalis - Desoria hiemalis
Species hoodensis - Desoria hoodensis
Species tigrina - Desoria tigrina
Species trispinata - Desoria trispinata
Genus Hydroisotoma
Species schaefferi - Hydroisotoma schaefferi
Genus Isotoma
Species arctica - Isotoma arctica
Species riparia - Isotoma riparia
Species delta - Isotoma delta
Species subviridis - Isotoma subviridis
Species viridis - Isotoma viridis
Subspecies riparia - Isotoma viridis riparia
Subspecies pomona - Isotoma viridis pomona
Genus Isotomiella
Species minor - Isotomiella minor
Genus Isotomurus
Species bimus - Isotomurus bimus
Species retardatus - Isotomurus retardatus
Species palustris - Isotomurus palustris
Species tricolor - Isotomurus tricolor
Genus Metisotoma
Species grandiceps - Metisotoma grandiceps
Genus Parisotoma
Species notabilis - Parisotoma notabilis
Genus Pseudisotoma
Species sensibilis - Pseudisotoma sensibilis
Genus Scutisotoma
Species titusi - Scutisotoma titusi
Genus Vertagopus
Species pseudocinereus - Vertagopus pseudocinereus
Species arboreus - Vertagopus arboreus
Subfamily Anurophorinae
Genus Anurophorus
Species near-septentrionalis - Anurophorus near-septentrionalis
Genus Cryptopygus
Species benhami - Cryptopygus benhami
Genus Dagamaea
Species tenuis - Dagamaea tenuis
Genus Hemisotoma
Species aquae - Hemisotoma aquae
Genus Isotomodes
Genus Micrisotoma - Micrisotoma 0
Species achromata - Micrisotoma achromata
Genus Mucrosomia
Genus Tetracanthella
Species californica - Tetracanthella californica
Subfamily Proisotominae
Genus Ballistura
Species schoetti - Ballistura schoetti
Species tuberculata - Ballistura tuberculata
Genus Folsomia
Species candida - Folsomia candida
Species prima - Folsomia prima
Species regularis - Folsomia regularis
Species stella - Folsomia stella
Genus Folsomides
Species parvulus - Folsomides parvulus
Genus Guthriella
Species muskegis - Guthriella muskegis
Genus Proisotoma
Species minuta - Proisotoma minuta
Family Tomoceridae
Genus Plutomurus
Species wilkeyi - Plutomurus wilkeyi
Genus Pogonognathellus
Species bidentatus - Pogonognathellus bidentatus
Species dubius - Pogonognathellus dubius
Species elongatus - Pogonognathellus elongatus
Species mystax - Pogonognathellus mystax
Species nigritus - Pogonognathellus nigritus
No Taxon pale species group
Genus Tomocerus
Species minor - Tomocerus minor
Species vulgaris - Tomocerus vulgaris
Genus Tomolonus
Species reductus - Tomolonus reductus
Superfamily Entomobryoidea
Family Entomobryidae - Slender Springtails
Genus Seira
Species brasiliana - Seira brasiliana
Species bipunctata - Seira bipunctata
Species dollfusi - Seira dollfusi
Species domestica - Seira domestica
Species dubia - Seira dubia
Species knowltoni - Seira knowltoni
Species purpurea - Seira purpurea
No Taxon undescribed species 14
No Taxon undescribed species 13
No Taxon undescribed species 18
Subfamily Entomobryinae
Genus Calx
Species sabulicola - Calx sabulicola
Genus Coecobrya
Species tenebricosa - Coecobrya tenebricosa
Genus Drepanura
Species californica - Drepanura californica
Genus Entomobrya
Species arula - Entomobrya arula
Species assuta - Entomobrya assuta
Species atrocincta - Entomobrya atrocincta
Species bicolor - Entomobrya bicolor
Species clitellaria - Entomobrya clitellaria
Species comparata - Entomobrya comparata
Species confusa - Entomobrya confusa
Species decemfasciata - Entomobrya decemfasciata
Species griseoolivata - Entomobrya griseoolivata
Species katzi - Entomobrya katzi
Species lanuginosa - Entomobrya lanuginosa
Species ligata - Entomobrya ligata
Species multifasciata - Entomobrya multifasciata
Species nicoleti - Entomobrya nicoleti
Species nivalis - Entomobrya nivalis
No Taxon forma dorsalis
Species quadrilineata - Entomobrya quadrilineata
Species sinelloides - Entomobrya sinelloides
Species suzannae - Entomobrya suzannae
Species triangularis - Entomobrya triangularis
Species unostrigata - Cotton Springtail
Species washingtonia - Entomobrya washingtonia
Species zona - Entomobrya zona
Genus Entomobryoides
Species dissimilis - Entomobryoides dissimilis
Species mineola - Entomobryoides mineola
Species purpurascens - Entomobryoides purpurascens
Genus Mesentotoma
Species near-dollfusi - Mesentotoma near-dollfusi
Genus Homidia
Species sauteri - Homidia sauteri
Species socia - Homidia socia
Genus Sinella
Species cavernarum - Sinella cavernarum
Species curviseta - Sinella curviseta
Species recens - Sinella recens
Species sexoculata - Sinella sexoculata
Subfamily Lepidocyrtinae
Genus Lepidocyrtus
Species cinereus - Lepidocyrtus cinereus
Species curvicollis - Lepidocyrtus curvicollis
Species cyaneus - Lepidocyrtus cyaneus
Species finus - Lepidocyrtus finus
Species fimicolus - Lepidocyrtus fimicolus
Species helenae - Lepidocyrtus helenae
Species floridensis - Lepidocyrtus floridensis
Species neofasciatus - Lepidocyrtus neofasciatus
Species paradoxus - Lepidocyrtus paradoxus
Species prope-fimicolus - Lepidocyrtus prope-fimicolus
Species violaceus - Lepidocyrtus violaceus
Genus Pseudosinella
Species alba - Pseudosinella alba
Species folsomi - Pseudosinella folsomi
Species rolfsi - Pseudosinella rolfsi
Species sexoculata - Pseudosinella sexoculata
Species spinosa - Pseudosinella spinosa
Species violenta - Pseudosinella violenta
Subfamily Orchesellinae
Genus Heteromurus
Species major - Heteromurus major
Species nitidus - Heteromurus nitidus
Genus Orchesella
Species ainsliei - Orchesella ainsliei
Species alpa - Orchesella alpa
Species bulba - Orchesella bulba
Species celsa - Orchesella celsa
No Taxon sp. near celsa
Species cincta - Orchesella cincta
Species flora - Orchesella flora
Species texensis - Orchesella texensis
Species hexfasciata - Orchesella hexfasciata
Species villosa - Orchesella villosa
Subfamily Willowsiinae
Genus Americabrya
Species arida - Americabrya arida
Genus Willowsia
Species buski - Damp Grain Springtail
Species neonigromaculata - Willowsia neonigromaculata
Species nigromaculata - Willowsia nigromaculata
Species platani - Willowsia platani
Family Paronellidae
Genus Salina
Species banksi - Salina banksi
Species mulcahyae - Salina mulcahyae
Species beta - Salina beta
Genus Cyphoderus
Species similis - Cyphoderus similis
Order Neelipleona
Family Neelidae
Genus Neelus
Species murinus - Neelus murinus
Genus Megalothorax
Species incertus - Megalothorax incertus
Species minimus - Megalothorax minimus
Order Symphypleona - Globular Springtails
Family Sminthurididae
Genus Sphaeridia
Species pumilis - Sphaeridia pumilis
Genus Stenacidia
Species violacea - Stenacidia violacea
Genus Sminthurides
Species aquaticus - Water springtail
Species bifidus - Sminthurides bifidus
Species malmgreni - Sminthurides malmgreni
Species plicatus - Sminthurides plicatus
Species weichseli - Sminthurides weichseli
Superfamily Sminthuroidea
Family Bourletiellidae
Genus Bourletiella
Species arvalis - Bourletiella arvalis
Species gibbonsi - Bourletiella gibbonsi
Species hortensis - Garden Springtail
Species juanitae - Bourletiella juanitae
Species rustica - Bourletiella rustica
Species savona - Bourletiella savona
Species viridescens - Bourletiella viridescens
Genus Deuterosminthurus
Species bicinctus - Deuterosminthurus bicinctus
Species luridus - Deuterosminthurus luridus 0
Species nonfasciatus - Deuterosminthurus nonfasciatus
Species pallipes - Deuterosminthurus pallipes
Genus Heterosminthurus
Species aquaticus - Heterosminthurus aquaticus
Genus Fasciosminthurus
Species quinquefasciatus - Fasciosminthurus quinquefasciatus
Genus Prorastriopes
Species wexfordensis - Prorastriopes wexfordensis
Species coalingaensis - Prorastriopes coalingaensis
Genus Pseudobourletiella
Species spinata - Pseudobourletiella spinata
Family Sminthuridae
Subfamily Sphyrothecinae
Genus Neosminthurus
Species bakeri - Neosminthurus bakeri
Species richardsi - Neosminthurus richardsi
No Taxon Undescribed species found by Bernard
Genus Sphyrotheca
Species minnesotensis - Sphyrotheca minnesotensis
Subfamily Sminthurinae
Genus Allacma
Species fusca - Allacma fusca
No Taxon subgenus Trochopilosa
Species purpurescens - Allacma purpurescens
Genus Janusius
Species sylvestris - Janusius sylvestris
Genus Pararrhopalites
Species anops - Pararrhopalites anops
Genus Sminthurus
Species bivittatus - Sminthurus bivittatus
Species butcheri - Sminthurus butcheri
Species carolinensis - Sminthurus carolinensis
Species eisenii - Sminthurus eisenii
Species fitchi - Sminthurus fitchi
Species incisus - Sminthurus incisus
Species medialis - Sminthurus medialis
Species mencenbergae - Sminthurus mencenbergae
Species packardi - Sminthurus packardi
No Taxon "sp.7 at"
Superfamily Katiannoidea
Family Arrhopalitidae
Genus Arrhopalites
Species diversus - Arrhopalites diversus
Species caecus - Arrhopalites caecus
Genus Pygmarrhopalites
Species altus - Pygmarrhopalites altus
Family Katiannidae
Genus Katianna
No Taxon sp.12 at
Species maryae - Katianna maryae
Genus Katiannina
No Taxon sp.1 at
Species macgillivrayi - Katiannina macgillivrayi
Genus Neokatianna
Species acantholaema - Neokatianna acantholaema
Genus Polykatianna
Species radicula - Polykatianna radicula
Species sp-nr-radicula - Polykatianna sp-nr-radicula
Species sminthurina - Polykatianna sminthurina
Genus Sminthurinus
Species atrapallidus - Sminthurinus atrapallidus
Species elegans - Sminthurinus elegans
Species henshawi - Sminthurinus henshawi
No Taxon forma aureus
No Taxon forma similitortus
Species latimaculosus - Sminthurinus latimaculosus
Species lawrencei - Sminthurinus lawrencei
Species minutus - Sminthurinus minutus
Species quadrimaculatus - Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus
Genus Vesicephalus
Species crossleyi - Vesicephalus crossleyi
Species occidentalis - Vesicephalus occidentalis
No Taxon sp.2 at
Family Dicyrtomidae
Subfamily Dicyrtominae
Genus Calvatomina
Species rufescens - Calvatomina rufescens
No Taxon "sp.5 at"
No Taxon "sp.9 at"
Genus Dicyrtoma
Species aurata - Dicyrtoma aurata
Species flammea - Dicyrtoma flammea
Species fusca - Dicyrtoma fusca
Species hageni - Dicyrtoma hageni
Genus Dicyrtomina
No Taxon "sp.2 at"
Species minuta - Dicyrtomina minuta
No Taxon forma couloni
No Taxon forma labellei
No Taxon forma ornata
No Taxon forma saundersi
No Taxon forma violacea
No Taxon "sp.5 at"
Subfamily Ptenothricinae
Genus Bothriovulsus
Genus Ptenothrix
Species atra - Ptenothrix atra
Species californica - Ptenothrix californica
Species beta - Ptenothrix beta
Species curvilineata - Ptenothrix curvilineata
Species flavescens - Ptenothrix flavescens
Species macomba - Ptenothrix macomba
Species maculosa - Ptenothrix maculosa
Species marmorata - Ptenothrix marmorata
Species palmata - Ptenothrix palmata
Species renateae - Ptenothrix renateae
Species unicolor - Ptenothrix unicolor
Species undescribed - Ptenothrix undescribed
No Taxon "sp.1 at"
No Taxon "sp.3 at"
No Taxon "sp.4 at"
No Taxon "sp.5 at"
No Taxon "sp.6 at"