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Cicadas (Cicadidae) - Neotibicen tibicen

Cicadas (Cicadidae) - Neotibicen tibicen
Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, USA
August 29, 2008
These are some older photos that I guess I did not upload to bugguide yet...

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Cicadas (Cicadidae) - Neotibicen tibicen Cicadas (Cicadidae) - Neotibicen tibicen Cicadas (Cicadidae) - Neotibicen tibicen Cicadas (Cicadidae) - Neotibicen tibicen Cicadas (Cicadidae) - Neotibicen tibicen

Moved from Swamp Cicada.

Tibicen tibicen (=T. chloromera)
Refer to post by J.R. Maxwell (below)


Tibicen tibicen (syn. Tibicen chloromera) - TENERAL
Green eyes are key feature to this species - coupled with the green pronotal patches and pinkish-green body while teneral!

Since your picture is of a teneral (soft/newly emerged), I suggest reviewing and comparing it to the images below.

refer to the following images:

Not an ID but
please read comments on this image (maybe they apply here?)

Good shot!
You CALLED it well!

Tibicen tibicen (=Tibicen chloromera)

These are both series of pic's showing a teneral (newly emerged) Tibicen tibicen!

Swamp Cicada (Tibicen tibicen)
That would make sense because I found it at a local marsh.

Tibicen tibicen (=chloromera)
These do seem to be common around water, however, there are parts of the range that defy this tendency - particularly across much of the South....but then again, you're never that far from water down here either ;)

Check out the animated version I just stumbled on last night!