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Argiope florida

Argiope florida
Hobe Sound, Martin County, Florida, USA
July 29, 2005
Size: Adult
Florida Scrub Argiope

Genus info page
This image is being used on the genus info page. Thanks!

florida vs floridana
Jeff, we already had an A. floridana in the guide as a Silver-backed Argiope, see and its reference. The North American list doesn't list floridana, just florida. Should we rename those and call them Florida Scrub, or...??

Also, I posted some pics a while back
of Phidippus adumbratus, octopunctatus, phoenix, and workmani that could use guide pages.

ok will do
Can you look through the Argiope images (other that aurantia) and see if they are correctly ID'd? There are some images just at the Genus level that need species names, and two strongly different color patterns in trifasciata. Thanks for all the ID work you do.

As far as I know
the correct Latin name is A. florida. I don't know about a common name. This species does primarily occur in xeric habitats, though.

from internet, Bio One