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Anisoxya glaucula

Anisoxya glaucula
Marlton, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
July 8, 2008
Size: Maybe around 5 mm?
So I had a folder with some horrible Eustrophopsis images in it, and after glancing at these horrors I put them there, too. Now I'm pretty sure they are in the wrong folder. Still not nice to look at, but maybe more like Orchesia or still not close ??? Funny Scraptiidae ??
Don't really belong with these

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Anisoxya glaucula Anisoxya glaucula Anisoxya glaucula Anisoxya glaucula

Anisoxya glaucula
Darren A. Pollock det.

Boris was right!

Moved from False Darkling Beetles.

to family until decision on value in guide can be made.

Not Orchesia
because hind legs lack the long spurs for jumping.

If it were from Europe, I´d say: Aniso*xya. And it may well be, please compare the single N-American sp..

It does fall right into the middle of the label info that possibly seems to be either describing range, or at least collection info showing that it would be in NJ.

actually, you're not that far off at all.

Orchesia was my best guess, but I wasn't 100% happy with the antennae for some reason.

now i'm not happy with my call...
will revisit tomorrow