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Tibicen tibicen - Neotibicen tibicen - male - female

Tibicen tibicen - Neotibicen tibicen - Male Female
Alabama, USA
Tibicen tibicen "var./ssp. tibicen" (= chloromera/chloromerus)
South-central Alabama (Lee County, 1994-6)
specimens pictured: elev. range of 300-700 ft. a.s.l.

Specimens of T. tibicen from the southeastern region of Alabama (incl. the Upper Gulf Coastal Plain & Fall-line Hills of the Piedmont) are often brightly colored and patterned. These cicadas are among the most impressive T. tibicen specimens I have encountered. Although similar dorsally in color and pattern to the form australis from peninsular Florida, they are often lighter in color. Ventrally they are akin to the typical T. tibicen seen in most places throughout the South, Midwest, and Northeast.

NOTE: Similar T. tibicen populations also occur along the interface between ssp. tibicen and ssp. australis in central Georgia. Males of T. tibicen australis from peninsular Florida often seem to have unusually long opercula by comparison and differ ventrally from most other T. tibicen populations in this peculiar trait.

Examples from this locality:

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