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gray-spotted white moth - Eudeilinia herminiata

gray-spotted white moth - Eudeilinia herminiata
St. Williams Forest, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada
July 30, 2005
Size: wingspan about 25 mm
On fallen leaf in sandy deciduous woods. Has the look of a geometer but I couldn't find any images that matched. Closest guess was the Drepanid (hooktip) moth that doesn't have hooked tips: Northern Eudeilinia but it's not very convincing.
Whatever this one is, it looks the same as the photo by Cindy Mead on this page.

Great Photo!
You captured those little dotted lines in this species. I have never been able to do that.

Eudeilinia herminiata 6253. You are correct. It does not have hook tips, but is in the family. The only other species in the genus is restricted to the southern states. The spots on the wings change color with age. There are also all white forms of this.

E. herminiata
Thanks, Dennis. I moved the image to the new Guide page.