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Ethmia semilugens

Species page needed for Ethmia semilugens - Hodges # 0976 here

Online reference photos at MPG

Online map and photo at



Thanks Robin, Nice page you put together!
Thanks Robin, Nice page you put together!

Robin, I too have noticed what an amazing job you do on putting together info pages for species. As a new editor, I was pretty disappointed when the first page I created ended up so devoid of helpful information. (Unfortunately, I am pretty much limited to the Internet at this point as I have almost nothing in the way of print references.) Anyway, this is the species page I created for C. rickseckerellus. The pages you have authored for several other Crambus species are just wonderful and I was wondering if you might be able to fill mine out a little when you find the time?

Thanks, you two.
Virtually all of the material I add to the Guide comes from the Internet, using the steps mentioned here. In many cases, a Google search for a species and/or genus returns several pages of results, so it's just a matter of digging through them. One downside is that hyperlinks often change or die over time, and I've noticed that many of the links I added a few years ago are now broken. Oh well.