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Mirid on Agave - Agaveocoris distanti

Mirid on Agave - Agaveocoris distanti
Picture Rocks, NW of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, USA
April 20, 2009
Size: 3.5mm
Simiar to the Yucca Bug, but not identical. On Agave americana media picta

Moved from Caulotops.

Moved from True Bugs.

Caulotops distanti in Bryocorinae.
First, the strongly convex calli differentiates this bug from Halticotoma. Next, the body length smaller than 4.1 mm, non-uniform A1 color, etc., key it to distanti.

But, it is unclear that this species occurs in your area. The remaining two species of Caulotops were recorded in AZ.

Reference is

and not too good for my little Agave nursery. Which part are the calli?

A pair of calli are located on the anterior part of the pronotum
near, but a little bit distant from the anterior margin of the pronotum.

Maybe Halticoma nicholi Knight 1928
occurs in AZ on Agavaes, but I can't find more info