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Dirt-colored Seed Bug - Eremocoris

Dirt-colored Seed Bug - Eremocoris
Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington, USA
April 21, 2009
Size: 5 mm

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Dirt-colored Seed Bug - Eremocoris Dirt-colored Seed Bug - Eremocoris Dirt-colored Seed Bug - Eremocoris Dirt-colored Seed Bug - Eremocoris

What about Raglius alboacumin
What about Raglius alboacuminatus
An invasive?

On a second thought, I think
On a second thought, I think it is none ot these species...

Moved from Eremocoris.

one of the notoriously tough western Eremocoris
i love it and hope against hope

Moved from Dirt-colored Seed Bugs.

I have a few other angles
if someone can tell me what they are looking for.

from Merrill Sweet:
"I need to rework my large Eremocoris collection to be sure (I was going to revise the genus)"

more from Merrill Sweet:
"Close to E. dimidiatus Van Duzee, but the pronotum of the photographed bug is much shinier than my specimen of E. dimidiatus collected in Colorado (the type locality state). Nevertheless it keys in Torre-Bueno to E. dimidiatus so it is near, but is very probably a new species. Tell the collector to look for some more! Best places to look is in the litter of conifers, Gastrodes and Eremocoris should be called the Pine Seedbugs. Incidentally, I would lean toward calling Rhyparochromidae the ground seedbugs or the ground-colored seed bugs, but I know, it is direct translation of the Greek and means filthy or dirty colored. But they are such pretty little bugs."

I'll look for more, and I'll post a few other angles. Keep in mind that these images were taken with a flash... not sure if that would cause the much shinier pronotum.

Hi Lynnette....
what's the latest on this cool bug you found?

No progress
I have not seen another... to provide them with an actual specimen.

thanx for posting add'l pix, Lynette
specifics of lighting may indeed make surfaces look very different -- fooled me more than once