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Calliopsis - female

Calliopsis - Female
Mount Pinos summit, elev.8,831ft (2692m), Western Transverse Ranges, Kern County, California, USA
July 2, 2005
Size: estimate 9mm
Looks like a female bee about to oviposit? See also accompanying image.

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Calliopsis - female Calliopsis

Moved from Calliopsis.

andrenid females lay their eggs underground in cells
they do not oviposit on the surface

No idea.
I sure could use another bee/wasp expert over here:-)

Doug Yanega (thanks again!), of the UCR Entomology Dept. identified this bee as Calliopsis, subgenus Nomadopsis, a small Andrenid. He also remarked that it was still early, these generally being spring bees.