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red harvester ants hunting - Pogonomyrmex

red harvester ants hunting - Pogonomyrmex
Lakewood, Jefferson County, Colorado, USA
June 2, 2007

Moved from Harvester Ants.

Sorry, I am not good at identifying species from arid places.
I am not really good at identifying dessert species. It is of coarse a Pogonomyrmex, and P. barbatus seems to fit very nicely.

Thanks for having a look. Knowing the genus is helpful. I'll poke around for pics of P. barbatus to compare.

Without being able to see the
Without being able to see the ants closer P. barbatus works for me. Did you see the nest they were from if so what sort of structure was it?? Low and flat, tall, conical??

ant closeup, mound
Thanks for looking at this.
I can't recall what the mound was like this time. I don't remember seeing one of the giant mounds around though.
What would you need to see closer on the ants to tell species? I can post a blowup of a feature. I've got a series of images of them.