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Genus Toumeyella

Description of a new species of Toumeyella Cockerell (Hemiptera, Coccidae) from Mexico, with a taxonomic key to Mexican species
Description of a new species of Toumeyella Cockerell (Hemiptera, Coccidae) from Mexico, with a taxonomic key
to Mexican species. A new species of soft scale insect from Mexico, Toumeyella fontanai Kondo & Pellizzari sp. nov. is described
and illustrated. A taxonomic key to the species of scale insects of the genus Toumeyella Cockerell known in Mexico is

Toumeyella liriodendri (Gmelin) University of Florida
This article details the current distribution, description, life cycle, hosts, plant damage, and management of the tuliptree scale. From the University of Florida, IFAS Extension, Featured Creature collection. A PDF may be downloaded from the EDIS database here:

Scale Insects: Identification tool for species of quarantine significance

USDA Agricultural Research Service
Identification keys and descriptions of the scales and mealybugs.
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U.S. National Collection of Scale Insect Photographs
This is a collection of over 1,400 images of a large number of scale insect species. The only way to access it, though, is through a query form (under "Search the Collection" on the menu). That's fine if you have a scientific name or family name, but not if you just want to browse the pictures. Fortunately, you can click "Start Search" on the empty search form and it will come up with entries to browse, along with a (belated)"Browse All Records" button.

This is a good source for visual ID if you have a scientific name or you don't mind wading through large numbers of pictures. The classific

This is an online database hosted by the USDA which is a collaboration between US and Israeli scientists. It includes classification, nomenclatural history, distribution, hosts, and literature information. It's a good source if you have a scientific name and want authoritative information.

There are a variety of USDA resources in the menu that vary in usefulness and should be dealt with separately, including a photo database, a list of the nearctic taxa (thanks, =v=) and an interactive key to families.

Lis et al. (2012) Hemiptera Poloniae
Hemiptera of Poland data base; helpful info on the many spp. introduced from Eurasia to N. America

Homoptera on Discover Life

i really don't know how to cite parts of discoverlife properly: some sections show the authors, some don't; some are very good or at least helpful, others are quite unreliable...