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Sigmoria trimaculata (?)

Sigmoria trimaculata (?)
Cataloochee Creek, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina, USA
April 17, 2009
Found under rock on edge of river. Substrate moist sand and gravel. Not sure if this is the species under my title as it does not exhibit the central yellow spotting seemingly characteristic of this species (intergrade?). Apologies for any blurriness in the image.

Moved from Millipedes.

Not trimaculata, which doesn'
Not trimaculata, which doesn't occur nearly that far south, only goes down as far as southern West Virginia. Can't really tell much from the photo, so just family Xystodesmidae. Rowland Shelley

Once again, thank you for the
Once again, thank you for the quick ID. It is very much appreciated. I was wondering if you had any references you may be able to point me to help key millipedes and also arachnids. Thanks again.