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Need identification help. - Hellinsia

Need identification help. - Hellinsia
South Carolina, USA
April 24, 2007

Probably 6203 - Hellinsia homodactylus
I received the following from Debbie Matthews, Referee for Pterophotidae at Moth Photographers Group:

"This is either Hellinsia homodactylus or H. elliottii. I would lean toward H. homodactylus. I have reared H. homodactylus as far south as Northern Georgia but these emerged in June so I'm kind of surprised by the early date [April 24 for flying adult]. There are records of H. elliottii for South Carolina but also later in the season."

Thanks for the ID help. I think you're exactly right!

Looks like one of the
Pterophoridae (Plume Moths), maybe Pterophorini