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Suborder Eupnoi

Kury A.B., ed. (2009) Project Opilionomicon. Museu Nacional, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro

The Harvestmen of Maryland
Sub-pages of this site are already found as a reference on some guide pages. Descriptions of harvestmen species of Maryland, accompanied by photographs; useful for eastern regions.

Kury A.B. (-2014) Classification of Opiliones
Museu Nacional/UFRJ website

List of all Opiliones of the World

Arachnids of North Carolina

Synopsis of the described Arachnida of the World
World catalogue of the Arachnida (in progress), BG's recommended standard source(1) for Acari classification.

American Tarantula Society--Free Downloads
Various resources, including a glossary, and The American Arachnological Society Common Names of Arachnids list.

Thanks to Sam Houston for providing this link.

The Arachnology Home Page
From the welcome page:

The Arachnological Hub of the World Wide Web for the study of arachnids (spiders and their relatives)
Acari - Amblypygi - Araneae - Opiliones - Palpigradi - Pseudoscorpiones - Ricinulei - Schizomida - Scorpiones - Solifugae - Uropygi ( Thelyphonida )

Basically a portal with lots of links to other sites of interest (including this site).