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Wolf Spider - Tigrosa - female

Wolf Spider - Tigrosa - Female
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
May 5, 2009
Size: ~18mm
Using Lynette's "Eye Chart" I suspect this is a female Hogna helluo with her egg sack.

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Wolf Spider - Tigrosa - female Wolf Spider - Tigrosa - female

Moved from Tigrosa aspersa.

Moved from Hogna helluo.

Thanks Lynette!

Hogna aspersa
is more likely. In general Hogna helluo is supposed to be a lighter color with more pattern on the carapace.

This one looks like it has a full carapace stripe and there's almost no banding on the legs so I don't think it's T. aspersa. What do you think on this one now that we're more familiar with them? I'm leaning leaning T. helluo but there's some faint banding.

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