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Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West
By Dennis Paulson
Princeton, 2009
ISBN: 0691122814
Cite: 272886
Covers all dragonflies and damselflies of western North America north of Mexico. Excellent photos of every species, many figures of appendages and other details needed for identification.

Should cover most species in the east as well (eastern guide due in the next year or so). Might be a bit heavy for carrying around but otherwise looks great.

Wonderful book
Descriptions and pictures are super helpful, especially in the area of immature specimens. I also like the fact that there is a distribution map for each species.

Non functional link to Amazon...
Jason, for some reason the direct link that you provided to Amazon didn't work for me. Just in case others are interested (as I was!) in checking out this reference, click here to view the page at Amazon.

thinks it's fixed
Noticed that it wasn't working when I entered it, but the next one I checked wasn't either so I just assumed it was a bugguide issue. Changed the ISBN slightly and it seems ok.