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Host-plants of Chrysomelidae of the world: An essay about the relationships between the leaf-beetles and their food-plants
By Jolivet P., Hawkeswood T.J.
Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands. xiv + 281 pp., 1995

Chrysomelid males with enlarged mandibles: three new species and a review of occurrence in the family (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae)
By Reid C.A.M., Beatson M.
Zootaxa 3619: 79–100, 2013
fascinating info on sexual behavior & dimorphism among chrysomelids summarized on pp. 92-94 (14-19 of the pdf file)
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Annotated list of the leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of Kentucky: Subfamily Cassidinae
By Barney R.J., Clark S.M., Riley E.G.
J. Kentucky Acad. Sci. 68: 132-144, 2007

Leaf and Seed Beetles of South Carolina
By Janet Ciegler
Clemson University, 2007
TB 1104 - Biota of South Carolina, Vol. 4

Covers the Chrysomelidae [including Bruchids] and Orsodacnidae

Order on-Line: Clemson PSA, then scroll down

The leaf beetles of Alabama
By Edward Balsbaugh and Kirby Hays
Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn University, 1972
Bulletin #441 of Auburn University Agricultural Experiment Station.

I found this at a used bookstore. It is a technical work, with extensive keys and descriptions. Accounts includes host plant information if known--very helpful. Has about 30 figures of leaf beetles: black-and-white photographs and a few scratchboard illustrations. Has an extensive reference list.

Catalog of Leaf Beetles of America North of Mexico
By Ed Riley, Shawn Clark, and Terry Seeno
Coleopterists Society, 2003
I saw this on Bioquip's new publication page. I do not see this listed on Spiral-bound, 290 pages, ncludes CD. Bioquip has it for $60. What looks like my Passionflower-loving friend, Disonycha discoidea appeart to be pictured on the cover. It is not clear that there are other illustrations--this is apparently an annotated checklist, not a field guide or identification manual.

Published by the Coleopterists Society.

Biology of Leaf Beetles
By Pierre Jolivet, Krishna K. Verma
Springer-Verlag, 2004
I saw this on Bioquip's new publication page.

Host plants of leaf beetle species occuring in United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Orsodacnidae, Megalopodidae, Chrysome ...
By S.M.Clark, D.G.LeDoux, T.N.Seeno, E.G.Riley, A.J.Gilbert, J.M.Sullivan
Special Publication of the Coleopterists Society no.2, 2004
Full title: Host plants of leaf beetle species occurring in the United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Orsodacnidae, Megalopodidae, Chrysomelidae exclusive of Bruchinae)
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