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Discovering Moths: Nighttime Jewels in Your Own Backyard
By John Himmelman
Down East Books, 2002
ISBN: 0892725281
Cite: 2736
The closest thing to "Moths through Binoculars". Excellent introduction to moth study, with many color photographs of living specimens. Also has useful line drawings, suggestions for attracting and rearing.

This is
a great book! It is interesting to read, and very useful. It tells about attracting moths and how to do it. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in moths.

Just read this
I bought the book awhile back and read it while vacationing. I truly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who's interested enough in nature to be on this website reading these comments.

It's not all that useful for identification, but it does have color photos of common species. The book definitely promotes moth appreciation with ample examples of how these creatures deserve our admiration.

It was truly fascinating to get an outsider's inside look at being among lepidopterists while they do their thing. The author's stories of time spent with various friends and acquaintances having various reasons for pursuring moths were enjoyable and insightful.

I also appreciated what I considered to be objective looks at some of the debates around collecting and butterfly releases. Like the author, I was forced to take a critical look at some of my own behaviors.

Two labial palps up!