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Roosting male bees and wasps (Hymenoptera)

It seems that we have a collection of aggregations of sleeping bees in Bugguide. I have a picture of two sleeping carpenter bees that I never thought of submitting to Bugguide; maybe I will.
I am sure that there are more pictures and I would like to see them. I would also want to know more about this behavior. I understand that there is an aggregation pheromone.

There are also some images of aggregations of wasps.

And here is a group of Braconids

Not quite an article but it eventually may become one so it is better to keep it here.

Update, 8/5/2010: A few interesting observations on roosting insects

Sleeping aggregations of Idiomelissodes duplocincta
In a desert garden. Observations on aggregations of sleeping Idiomelissodes duplocincta males. Pages 83 and following
J. Kansas Entomol. Soc.

Very Interesting indeed!
Here are some Ammophila roosting groups that I came across - males I suppose?

Along those lines
Here is a similar situation I found last summer. The group, upwards of 20 or more, used to same flap of bark on an old wood fence for a number of weeks.


Roosting insects
Here's an article I came across that discusses insect roosting in general. I don't remember how much it talks about roosting in male Hymenoptera in particular.