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- - Euphoria monticola

- - Euphoria monticola
Stewart Campground, Cave Creek, Chiricahua Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
August 17, 2007
Size: 16 mm
I found this specimen dead and in poor condition, but it looks a bit like the Blue Emerald Euphoria. I noticed that subspecies is only reported from Big Bend Nat. Pk., Texas on the guide. Is it known in Arizona? It does have blue and green tints, but they are very hard to see in the picture, which I lightened as much as possible. It has no signs of white markings.


Moved from Euphoria.

Euphoria sepulchralis holochloris
dark photo, but discernable nonetheless.

From the location E. verticalis

All the E. verticalis I've se
All the E. verticalis I've seen seem to be completely black, while this one has definite blue tints to it. Hopefully more will be forthcoming in future trips out there...