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small moth - Cauchas dietziella

small moth - Cauchas dietziella
Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
May 16, 2009
Size: 4.4mm
It looks similar in shape and size to the Eriocrania semipurpurella I recently posted, but definitely a different species.

Moved from Cauchas.

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0212-0213 Cauchas dietziella sp. grp.
I received the following from Don Davis at the USNM, to whom I had sent the photograph:

"Without dissecting, I can't be certain, but it seems most similar to one our eastern species of Cauchas (Adelidae), either cyanella [0213 (Busck, 1915)] or dietziella [0212 (Kearfott, 1908)]."

Since it requires dissection to determine the species, I suggest setting up a "0212-0213 Cauchas dietziella sp. grp." to accommodate this and any similar photographs that might come along.