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Subfamily Myrmicinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon Aculeata - Ants, Bees and Stinging Wasps
Superfamily Formicoidea - Ants
Family Formicidae - Ants
Subfamily Myrmicinae

Tribe Attini
Subtribe Attina - Fungus Growing Ants
Genus Acromyrmex - Leaf-cutting Ants
Species versicolor - Desert Leaf-cutting Ant
Genus Atta - Leaf-cutting Ants
Species mexicana - Mexican Leaf-cutting Ant
Species texana - Texas Leaf-cutting Ant
Genus Cyphomyrmex
Species flavidus - Cyphomyrmex flavidus
Species minutus - Cyphomyrmex minutus
Species rimosus - Cyphomyrmex rimosus
Species wheeleri - Cyphomyrmex wheeleri
Genus Mycetomoellerius
Species turrifex - Trachymyrmex turrifex
Species jamaicensis - Trachymyrmex jamaicensis
Genus Mycetosoritis
Species hartmanni - Mycetosoritis hartmanni
Genus Trachymyrmex
Species arizonensis - Trachymyrmex arizonensis
Species nogalensis - Trachymyrmex nogalensis
Species septentrionalis - Northern Fungus Farming Ant
Species smithi - Trachymyrmex smithi
Genus Cephalotes - Turtle Ants
Species varians - Cephalotes varians
Species rohweri - Arizona Turtle Ant
Species texanus - Texas Turtle Ant
Genus Eurhopalothrix
Species floridana - Eurhopalothrix floridana
Genus Pheidole - Big-headed Ants
Species adrianoi - Pheidole adrianoi
Species barbata - Pheidole barbata
Species bicarinata - Pheidole bicarinata
Species californica - Pheidole californica
Species cerebrosior - Pheidole cerebrosior
Species clementensis - Pheidole clementensis
Species constipata - Pheidole constipata
Species crassicornis - Pheidole crassicornis
Species dentata - Pheidole dentata
Species dentigula - Pheidole dentigula
Species desertorum - Pheidole desertorum
Species diversipilosa - Pheidole diversipilosa
Species elecebra - Pheidole elecebra
Species floridana - Pheidole floridana
Species gilvescens - Pheidole gilvescens
Species hyatti - Pheidole hyatti
Species inquilina - Pheidole inquilina
Species megacephala - Big-headed Ant
Species metallescens - Pheidole metallescens
Species navigans - Pheidole moerens
Species morrisii - Pheidole morrisii
Species obscurithorax - Pheidole obscurithorax
Species obtusospinosa - Pheidole obtusospinosa
Species pelor - Pheidole pelor
Species pilifera - Pheidole pilifera
Species porcula - Pheidole porcula
Species rhea - Pheidole rhea
Species sitiens - Pheidole sitiens
Species subarmata - Pheidole subarmata
Species tepicana - Pheidole tepicana
Species tysoni - Pheidole tysoni
Species virago - Pheidole virago
Species vistana - Pheidole vistana
Species xerophila - Pheidole xerophila
Genus Strumigenys - Miniature Trap-jaw Ants
Species eggersi - Strumigenys eggersi
Species louisianae - Strumigenys louisianae
Species silvestrii - Strumigenys silvestrii
Species rogeri - Strumigenys rogeri
Species hexamera - Strumigenys hexamera
Species ananeotes - Strumigenys ananeotes
Species arizonica - Strumigenys arizonica
Species chiricahua - Strumigenys chiricahua
Species clypeata - Strumigenys clypeata
Species dietrichi - Strumigenys dietrichi
Species ornata - Strumigenys ornata
Species mendezi - Strumigenys mendezi
Species membranifera - Strumigenys membranifera
Species pergandei - Strumigenys pergandei
Species pilinasis - Strumigenys pilinasis
Species pulchella - Strumigenys pulchella
Species reflexa - Strumigenys reflexa
Species rostrata - Strumigenys rostrata
Species superstes - Strumigenys superstes
Genus Wasmannia
Species auropunctata - Little Fire Ant
Tribe Crematogastrini
Genus Anergates
Species atratulus - Anergates atratulus
Genus Cardiocondyla
Species emeryi - Cardiocondyla emeryi
Subspecies obscurior - Cardiocondyla emeryi obscurior
Species mauritanica - Cardiocondyla mauritanica
Species minutior - Cardiocondyla minutior
Species obscurior - Cardiocondyla obscurior
Genus Carebara
Species longii - Carebara longii
Genus Crematogaster - Acrobat Ants
Species ashmeadi - Crematogaster ashmeadi
Species atkinsoni - Crematogaster atkinsoni
Species cerasi - Crematogaster cerasi
Species crinosa - Crematogaster crinosa
Species depilis - Crematogaster depilis
Species emeryana - Crematogaster emeryana
Species hespera - Crematogaster hespera
Species laeviuscula - Crematogaster laeviuscula
Species lineolata - Crematogaster lineolata
Species marioni - Crematogaster marioni
Species minutissima - Crematogaster minutissima
Species missouriensis - Crematogaster missouriensis
Species mutans - Crematogaster mutans
Species navajoa - Crematogaster navajoa
Species pilosa - Crematogaster pilosa
Species pinicola - Crematogaster pinicola
Species punctulata - Crematogaster punctulata
Species rifelna - Crematogaster rifelna
Species torosa - Crematogaster torosa
Genus Formicoxenus
Species hirticornis - Formicoxenus hirticornis
Genus Leptothorax
Species acervorum - Leptothorax acervorum
Species crassipilis - Leptothorax crassipilis
Species sphagnicola - Leptothorax sphagnicola
Species canadensis - formerly Leptothorax muscorum
Genus Myrmecina
Species americana - Myrmecina americana
Genus Nesomyrmex
Species wilda - Nesomyrmex wilda
Genus Protomognathus
Genus Temnothorax - Acorn Ants
Species americanus - Temnothorax americanus
Species andrei - Temnothorax andrei
Species ambiguus - Temnothorax ambiguus
Species caguatan - Temnothorax caguatan
Species curvispinosus - Temnothorax curvispinosus
Species gallae - Temnothorax gallae
Species longispinosus - Temnothorax longispinosus
Species nevadensis - Temnothorax nevadensis
Species obliquicanthus - Temnothorax obliquicanthus
Species obturator - Temnothorax obturator
Species pergandei - Temnothorax pergandei
Species rugatulus - Temnothorax rugatulus
Species schaumii - Temnothorax schaumii
Species texanus - Temnothorax texanus
Species tricarinatus - Temnothorax tricarinatus
Species whitfordi - Temnothorax whitfordi
Species quasimodo - Temnothorax quasimodo
Genus Tetramorium - Pavement Ants
Species bicarinatum - Tramp Ant
Species caldarium - Tetramorium caldarium
Species immigrans - (Immigrant) Pavement Ant
Species lanuginosum - Wooly Pavement Ant
Species hispidum - Tetramorium hispidum
Species spinosum - Tetramorium spinosum
Species tsushimae - Japanese Pavement Ant
Genus Xenomyrmex
Species floridanus - Xenomyrmex floridanus
Tribe Myrmicini
Genus Manica
Species hunteri - Manica hunteri
Species invidia - Manica invidia
Genus Myrmica
Species americana - Myrmica americana
Species brevispinosa - Myrmica brevispinosa
Species detritinodis - Myrmica detritinodis
Species fracticornis - Myrmica fracticornis
Species incompleta - Myrmica incompleta
Species latifrons - Myrmica latifrons
Species lobifrons - Myrmica lobifrons
Species punctiventris - Myrmica punctiventris
Species pinetorum - Myrmica pinetorum
Species rubra - European fire ant
Species rugiventris - Myrmica rugiventris
Species spatulata - Myrmica spatulata
Species specioides - Myrmica specioides
Species tahoensis - Myrmica tahoensis
No Taxon AF-smi
Tribe Pogonomyrmecini
Genus Pogonomyrmex - Harvester Ants
No Taxon subgenus Ephebomyrmex
Species huachucanus - Pogonomyrmex huachucanus
Species imberbiculus - Pogonomyrmex imberbiculus
Species pima - Pogonomyrmex pima
No Taxon occidentalis complex
Species occidentalis - Western Harvester Ant
Species salinus - Pogonomyrmex salinus
Species subdentatus - Pogonomyrmex subdentatus
Species subnitidus - Pogonomyrmex subnitidus
No Taxon californicus complex
Species anzensis - Anza Desert Harvester
Species badius - Florida Harvester Ant
Species californicus - California Harvester Ant
Subspecies subnitidus - Pogonomyrmex californicus subnitidus
Species comanche - Pogonomyrmex comanche
Species hoelldobleri - Pogonomyrmex hoelldobleri
Species maricopa - Maricopa Harvester Ant
No Taxon barbatus complex
Species apache - Pogonomyrmex apache
Species barbatus - Red Harvester Ant
Species bicolor - Bicolored Harvester Ant
Species bigbendensis - Pogonomyrmex bigbendensis
Species desertorum - Large Seed Harvesting Ant
Species rugosus - Rough Harvester Ant
No Taxon barbatus x rugosus
Species tenuispinus - Pogonomyrmex tenuispinus
Tribe Solenopsidini
Genus Monomorium - Pharaoh and Timid Ants
Species emarginatum - Monomorium emarginatum
Species ergatogyna - Monomorium ergatogyna
Species floricola - Monomorium floricola
Species minimum - Little Black Ant
Species pharaonis - Monomorium pharaonis
Species viridum - Monomorium viridum
Species trageri - Monomorium trageri
Genus Solenopsis - Fire Ants and Thief Ants
No Taxon Fire Ants
Species amblychila - Solenopsis amblychila
Species aurea - Solenopsis aurea
Species geminata - Solenopsis geminata
Species invicta - Red Imported Fire Ant
Species richteri - Black Imported Fire Ant
Species tennesseensis - Solenopsis tennesseensis
Species xyloni - Southern Fire Ant
No Taxon invicta X richteri
Species zeteki - Solenopsis zeteki
No Taxon Diplorhoptrum - Thief ants (fugax group)
Species molesta - Thief Ant
Species pergandei - Solenopsis pergandei
Species picta - Solenopsis picta
Species tennesseensis - Solenopsis tennesseensis
Species texana - Thief ant (but one of several)
Species tonsa - Solenopsis tonsa
Tribe Stenammini
Genus Aphaenogaster - Spine-waisted Ants
No Taxon fulva-rudis-texana complex
Species fulva - Aphaenogaster fulva
Species picea - Pitch-black Collared Ant
Species rudis - Winnow Ant
Species texana - Aphaenogaster texana
Species carolinensis - Aphaenogaster carolinensis
Species floridana - Aphaenogaster floridana
Species huachucana - Aphaenogaster huachucana
Species lamellidens - Aphaenogaster lamellidens
Species mariae - Aphaenogaster mariae
Species megommata - Aphaenogaster megommata
Species occidentalis - Aphaenogaster occidentalis
Species patruelis - Aphaenogaster patruelis
Species tennesseensis - Tennessee Collared Ant
Species treatae - Aphaenogaster treatae
Species umphreyi - Aphaenogaster umphreyi
Species uinta - Aphaenogaster uinta
Genus Novomessor
Species albisetosus - Novomessor albisetosus
Species cockerelli - Novomessor cockerelli
Genus Rogeria
Species creightoni - Rogeria creightoni
Genus Stenamma
Species meridionale - Stenamma meridionale
Species snellingi - Stenamma snellingi
Species schmittii - Stenamma schmittii
Species diecki - Stenamma diecki
Species chiricahua - Stenamma chiricahua
Species brevicorne - Stenamma brevicorne
Species impar - Stenamma impar
Genus Veromessor - Smooth Harvester Ants
Species andrei - Messor andrei
Species lariversi - Messor lariversi
Species pergandei - Messor pergandei
Genus Vollenhovia
Species emeryi - Vollenhovia emeryi